Applicable on: metal, castings, wrought iron, steel work and working surfaces like vehicles, machinery, rails and any ferrous structures.

Surface Preparation

Scrape off loose and flaking paint.

Sand the surface with coarse sand/water paper according to the surface type to remove unwanted layers.

Priming and sanding may depend on surface conditions.


Guaranteed protection from rust formation.

Excellent adhesion.

Outstanding resistance to normal and adverse weather conditions.

Drying Times

Full render - 20 minutes.

Recoat Dry Time - 4 hours.

Drying times refer to normal conditions: 25 C - 50% Humidity.

Under cooler, humid or still conditions, longer drying times may be necessary.

Application Guide

Brush, roller or airless spray.

It is recommended to apply the primer with airless spray.


10 SQM per coat.


Metal, castings, wrought iron, steelwork and any ferrous structure.


Available in white, black, aluminium grey and red.




1-5 L.


Solvent based.

Interior or Exterior

Interior and exterior.


The product must be stored and disposed-ofin accordance with national regulations.

Product should be kept in cool dry place.

Protect from frost.

Containers should be kept in original seal for storage.


Handle with care.

Stir well before use.

SP Rust Primer - Zinc Chromate is an anticorrosive zinc chromate pigmented primer. It offer a guaranteed protection only for ferrous metal surfaces from rust formation in normal or adverse weather conditions.

Supra Paints Rust Primer Zinc Chromate

It is an anti-corrosive powerful primer for ferrous metal.